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Couple's year of 'buying black' yields mixed results - Seattle Times
submitted by blacknewsjunkie 2758 days ago (via
John and Maggie Anderson of Oak Park, Ill., brush their teeth using Natural Health toothpaste made by Sunrise Natural Products, a black-owned company. CHICAGO — It's been a year since John and Maggie Anderson, an African-American couple who rose ...
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50 Cent Makes Controversial Remarks About Beyonce & Rihanna
submitted by blacknewsjunkie 2702 days ago (via
G-Unit leader 50 Cent may have stirred up some controversy by claiming he would marry Jay-Z's wife, Beyonce, if given the opportunity and have unprotected sex with her.[Visit for more information]
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The Black Vote is Still President Obama's Trump Card, But Only if the Numbers Are There - Huffington Post
submitted by blacknewsjunkie 2073 days ago (via
If black voters had not turned the 2008 Democratic presidential primaries into a virtual holy crusade for Obama, and if Obama had not openly in the South Carolina primary and subtly in primaries thereafter stoked the black vote, he could easily have been ...
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Commission To Revisit 'White Only' Pool Case -
submitted by blacknewsjunkie 2070 days ago (via
The commission's initial investigation concluded that the posting of the sign "restricts the social contact between Caucasians and African Americans as well as reinforcing discrimination actions that are aimed at oppressing all 'people of color.'"
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Why All Poor Black Kids Are Obviously Stupid - Huffington Post
submitted by blacknewsjunkie 2069 days ago (via
This country has been cited by the United Nations for numerous human rights violations for maintaining a set of policies which relegate African Americans to the socio-economic basement in nearly every category. In other words, being a white guy has its ...
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Poll Gives Obama 'Clear Edge' Over Romney - NPR News
submitted by blacknewsjunkie 2020 days ago (via
President Obama has his first "clear edge" over Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney in polling done for The Washington Post and ABC News: "In a general-election test, Obama leads Romney 52 to 43 percent among all Americans; more ...
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